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* Is it difficult for you to lead easily and quickly to more team result-oriented

* Do you feel pressure, stress, distraction and lack of time and you still go on

* Do you work harder then your team for more performances with turnover

Then it has to be change would you like less stress, distraction, pressure and ad hoc actions. To get more time for creating balance in work with team performance and more turnover. With the knowledge and power of performance behavior from professional top sports you put yourself, the management team and the sales team in motion for new behavior with team performance and results. Off course you start at yourself like any change begins at yourself with trust and responsibility. By simple every day to look in your own mirror for self awareness and the necessary actions for self regulation to visible new behavior with desired effect.

I am going to help you with all the knowledge and power from team performance behaviour of professional sports. For results oriented leadership with more teamperformance and turnover.

With insights in yourself and your team to understand pattern behaviour and situations for changing
With influence for different thinking, feeling and doing in which self awareness and self coaching
With interactions for yourself and your team to knowledge and power from performance behaviour with result.

I teach you

> all knowledge and power of performance behavior from professional sports for structural result
> that any change starts at yourself with self awareness and self regulation for visibility
> to get balance between challenges, skills and development instead of ad hoc actions
> tot think, feel and do differently for dealing with all types of -complex- problems
> the main P´s for your new personality with result oriented leadership and more sales
> the difference between internal and external motivation fort the right internal mentality instead of external KPI´s.

Both in the sports as in sales you become settled on performances with results. In the sales mainly revolves around statistics and KPI´s what should be lead to more performance behavior with higher turnover. In the sports mainly revolves around mental power for more performance behavior. The important difference between sales and sports is that in sales mainly revolves around measure and in sport mainly revolves around to know. My motto is: knowing for measure or analyse yourself to better know how with more results. In different words: every change starts at yourself with knowledge and power from performance behaviour.

The knowledge and power of performance behavior from professional sport is a internal instrument and says everything about the right behavior at the right moment for desired result. The sales statistics and KPI´s are both external measuring instruments because they are coming from outside. Sales is also mainly focused on communication. Knowledge and power of performance behaviour is much broader and deeper and focused on energy, mindset, communication, insights, influences and interactions. So you also have the right mindset to lead yourself in all unwanted situations and undesirable behaviour. In other words: with mental knowledge and power you understand all situations and people to reach your own goal and from the organization to achieve with different thinking, feeling and doing.

Invest in yourself gives capital gains such as insight, influence and impact. Insights in your own pattern behavior and that of your management team and sales team for the right perception with analysis. Influence with different thinking, feeling and doing for dealing with any unwanted situations and behaviour. And impact with the interactions for new performance behavior causing more team performance with turnover. It also delivers many flight hours for trust, responsibility and resilience to the desired change. To deliver quality in less time with more sales.

Become a topper with Getmoreperformance
> With the SUN method Self conscious, Understanding and Natural performances
> Receive every week tops for team performance behaviour with more turnover
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